Heartbeat Buddies


There are many more options than pictured! Stock varies!

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We’ve got 3 categories of heartbeat buddies!

Mini buddies are roughly 12 inches! Stock rotates, but we typically have giraffes, lambs, elephants and maybe a few other options! $25

Large buddies are roughly 15-20 inches! We’ve got SEVERAL options in this style! These will give you the most options as far as different animals! $35

Large FRAMED buddies are roughly 15 inch bears holding a framed photo of baby! We’ve got pink, blue, grey and white. Pink says “it’s a girl!”. Blue says, “it’s a boy!” and both white and grey say, “Love at first sight!” These come with an extra printed photo inside if added to a sonogram! $40

If you’re purchasing a buddy without a sonogram package, we charge $10 to record the heartbeat for you. Without a sonogram, we will not be able to print a photo for the framed buddy.

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